Captain, oh Captain,

The ship left port early morning

with a bright sky, few clouds,

Gulls anxious for adventure.


This first day belonging to all aboard,

a passage to believing in more

resurrection for the decade.


The sails filling with new air

full of strength, purpose, and resolve

leaving patterns of the old world.


The new world ahead

a new crew of ideas, passions, and possibilities,

no longer an anchor to the past

trusting the winds of movement

to explore another shore.


Captain, oh Captain

I trust the sea-worthy ship 

countless years of experience

navigating treacherous waters of a restless mind.


There must be calm waters ahead.

There must be an island, a harbor

of serenity.


Captain, oh Captain

tell me there is such a place.

with quiet and solitude.

that will accept and hold

a weary anchor.

January First - For 2020


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