Creativity Each Season Workshop with Poet & Podcaster 

Brian R. Martens

Call 707-887-8386 for complete info - $45 for each class


In this workshop, we’ll explore creativity through

poetry, nature, and perception.

Learn how to tap into your own creative genius

and how to nurture your unique special gifts.


Santa Rosa Arts Center

312 South A Street

Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Summer Class-June 22, 2019 - Focus on Vision & Authenticity

 Fall Class-September 14, 2019 - Focus on Wisdom & Detachment

Winter Class-February 8, 2020 - Focus on Presence & Communication

Ignite Creativity in Community…Every Season!

At the College of Marin Community Education Program at the Novato campus
In this course we’ll explore creativity through poetry, nature, and imagination. You will learn how to tap into your own creative genius and learn:

How to nurture your own special gifts

To foster your creativity in Community which will allow you to commit and sustain a new way of creating.

To empower your creativity whether it is writing, painting, cooking, raising kids, or gardening. 

The origin of Creativity and unleashing your subconscious creative spirit.

Haiku and other experiential tools to change your critical self-talk and support confidence.
Recommended reading:

The Four Fold Way, by Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. ISBIN # 0-06-250059-7 

The Nine Muses, by Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.  ISBIN # 0-87477-999-5

The Artist’s Way. by Julia Cameron, ISBIN #  978-0-14-312925-7

or call

1.415.485.9305 to register

Communications Workshop with a Rotary Club

Brian R. Martens at the Blue Door Gallery


"I have been waking up with a full poem 2x and with a dress design. I used to dream full evening dress collections when I was a teenager, and not since then, till now. That's exciting!

I am also having fun taking poems I wrote many years ago and reworking them in haiku format.
I am having fun! 


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Phone: (707) 217-6689

Address: San Rafel, CA 99123

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