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The workshops I teach revolve around Creativity, Poetry, and Haiku. Usually, all three topics are involved within the workshop depending on the participants and their focus of interest and learning. My definition of creativity is very broad, and I believe everyone is creative no matter what your job, skill, or craft is. 


The focus of creativity in a workshop is to demystify what creativity is and have the participants realize they are creative even though people have told them in the past that they are not creative, or they believe they are not creative. The mission is to explore what form of creativity is calling you. What have you dreamed of creating though you have felt unable to start the process?


Usually, we start putting words together in the Japanese Haiku form since it has a simple structure. It consists of three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables & and 5 syllables. It also has a nature theme involved which brings the participant outside of themselves to look and see what is available for them to capture in the moment.


Writing poems from the participants experience is a possible next step. Once the participant is familiar with the simpler Haiku style, they may be curious to explore the more metaphorical longer poems. I don’t focus on things being right or wrong. Rumi said “…Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

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Returns February 2024

Drum Journey

3rd Sun. of This Month

10:30 - 12:00 | Via Zoom



-To tap into your Creative Genius.

-To empower your creativity whether it is writing, painting, cooking, raising kids, or gardening.

-The origin of creativity and how to unleash you subconscious creative spirit.

Workshop Details

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My workshops focus and dates vary based on the time of year, and the location available, sign up below to get notified when there is a new workshop available.


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My typical workshop last 3 hours and have a variety of topics and focus. We have an 1.25 hour session with a lunch break followed by a 1.25 hour session.

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What To Expect

In the workshops, we’ll explore creativity through poetry, nature, and perception.

Learn how to tap into your own creative genius and how to nurture your unique special gifts.


How To Register


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Typically you will need to bring a notepad pencil/pen and an open mind. I will provide additional resources for reading as relevant to the workshop.

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Contact Me

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions.

Past Workshop Videos

Communications Workshop with a Rotary Club

Brian R. Martens at the Blue Door Gallery

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