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Creative Poetry Video

My poem, “The Voice” was impactful for me. I wanted to bring more creativity to the story of the poem, and I heard a song on the radio that would fit perfectly with the theme of the poem. Then, I took a further step and decided to make a video of the poem and add the music to make it a music poetry video. This is the result of the creative and fun collaboration.

The mystery gathers at the edge of our thoughts, and insistently waits and listens for our noticing. 

~~~Brian R Martens


You will find my poems here. I will offer new and old poems to invite you and challenge you. They range from current topics to poems inspired by the “human condition.”


Haiku is an unrhymed Japanese poem recording the essence of a moment keenly perceived, in which Nature is linked to human nature. It usually consists of seventeen onji (Japanese sound-symbols). I learned Haiku from Angeles Arrien, during her year-long classes on indigenous wisdom. I learned the traditional three lines, 

5-syllables, 7-syllables, and 5-syllables format. In this format the Haiku includes one or two clear images, a nature element and the essence of “the moment.”

“Martens’ Haiku exist in that ephemeral space we seek in our daily lives.”

~~~Amos White. Haiku poet.

Thoughts About My First Book

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My teachers and mentors say that I have always been a poet, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2017 that I read in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way about the “shadow artist” and realized that it was time for me to step out from behind being a shadow poet and commit, take a stand, and publish a book of poetry. I didn’t know how that would happen at the time but I had undergone enough training in my master’s in organization development plus many seminars in leadership, marketing, and many other disciplines that I felt I could create a book. I also felt it was time to trust the Universe and let go of how this creation might happen. 

My E-Book


Reading the sample I had of Brian's poetry I thought, here is a myth-maker, and a dreamer.  He does what many poets do, looking closely at the experiences of his life to see where they open out into spaciousness.  But my inner ear also caught mythic tones, and dream-time themes.  He weaves them together with the quotidian, and suddenly, there is something shining and breathing there, that gives blessing.

Sherri Rose-Walker

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