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In the fall of 2017 he declared himself a full-time poet and writer, and committed to have a book of poetry published. The book is mostly Haiku and a few other favorite poems. He learned Haiku from his work with Angeles Arrien Ph.D., a cross-cultural anthropologist, over the course of seven years.

Brian R.Martens

He writes poetry concerned with the “Human Condition," and such topics as Awareness, Transformation, and Deep Intuition. He seeks to inspire and motivate people, with articles, podcasts, creativity workshops, and poetry to recognize their own deep creative spirit and to express that to the world. He believes everything we do on earth is a creative act, and being creative is an act of self-love.

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I started writing blog articles on when I started my Podcast, "The Spoken Symbol” on I wanted readers to have the option of reading the articles or listening via the Podcast. I listened to people that like to read poetry. Enjoy the images that I have chosen for the articles.

The Spoken Symbol is a poetry podcast that brings awareness, transformation, & deep intuition into your life. Open all your senses to the meaning that poetry gives to our world. Allow yourself to be transported by the the metaphorical language of poetry. Magic happens…Once upon a time…

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My Path To Writing

My mentors told me I have always been a poet. Once I took that in, I felt in my bones it was true. Yet, I had never made a commitment to write a book of poetry nor have it published.


During a creativity workshop with Artist Conference Network (ACN), participants were making huge, out of the comfort zone, commitments. As a guest, I felt encouraged to make a big commitment. My commitment was to have a book of poetry published within a year. At the time I had no idea how I would do that. I knew the universe supports the dreamer so I wrote it down and let go.


It actually took two years and it was a better book than I originally envisioned because I added some new regular poems to my initial Haiku. Three Raven Gate, was published September 2019.

Since then, I have entered contests, recited my poetry at open mic’s, taught creativity classes encouraging the participants to find their own path to creativity, and branched out writing articles, and recording a podcast called, The Spoken Symbol, all as a result of making the commitment.

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