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Unlock Your Creative Potential with a Free 45-Minute Creative Consultation

Thanks for attending my Myth & Creativity workshop!


You might be wondering…NOW WHAT???


Well…Are you ready to uncover the creative side you never knew you had? 


As a thank you for attending, I’m offering you FREE, one-on-one, 45-minute creative consultation designed to help professionals and creatives discover their most authentic selves. 


With over a decade of experience empowering creatives and entrepreneurs, my unique approach combines shamanic drumming, academic research, and an in-depth understanding of creative processes.

"Brian's profound understanding of literature and myth is transformative. His workshops not only enlighten but empower. Through his unique approach, Brian inspires you to explore and embrace your inner storyteller in ways you never imagined possible. I recommend Brian's workshops to anyone seeking a renewed creative spark, either in work or life."


~ Hillary Lyons, Wordsmith Consulting Inc.

So, if you or your team would like to:

1. Identify and Overcome Sticking Points

Discover and address the barriers holding you back in your personal or professional life, unlocking your full potential.

2. Transform Melancholy into Opportunity

Learn how to use moments of sadness or stagnation as opportunities for profound self-discovery and growth.

3. Reclaim and Rewrite Painful Chapters

Through myth and storytelling, transform and reclaim the narratives of your life that cause pain, turning them into sources of strength.

4. Ignite Your Creative Spark

Tap into your innate creativity, energizing your projects and daily life with newfound passion and curiosity.


Embark on a journey of creative discovery.

This initial consultation can be done via Zoom or over the phone. I also offer in-person consultation and workshops on a limited basis. Contact me at for more details. 

Schedule your free consultation today and let me help you unlock the potential that awaits within your personal or professional life. Discover the transformation that awaits when you tap into your true creative essence.

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